Studio mic

The Off the Clock Show Podcast was started as a way for us to have fun and spend time constructively without having to get real jobs.

Join us as we comically discuss our views on the things that we all talk about around the water cooler... as we watch for HR over our shoulder.

Hector Carrillo: Executive Producer / Host

Lisa Carrillo: Producer / Host


Who's Hector?

I am a Six Sigma Greenbelt, former manufacturing engineer and technical writer turned fiction author. I have written over 600 manuals, work instructions and other documents for the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry. For those of you who are unfamiliar with technical writing, just picture that thick instruction manual in your glove box that came with your car, that no one reads... thanks for that world.

I have also worked in Radio (Very briefly) and have extensive experience in web design and Audio Video production on both the hardware and software side. My software of choice is the Adobe suite


Who's Lisa?

Good question... She's a question wrapped in an enigma wrapped in an elusive burrito....