EP5 – OTC – Un-professional and Churlish

This week our professional guests get to step off of the PC train and be un-professional. Kinda like we do every week… That’s kinda our thing…

We were having so much fun that we went WAY over our agreed upon hour time limit (Sorry… Wait. No I’m not, cause it’s awesome.)

This EP is 2 hrs long so we’ll just infomercial it and say that you’re getting twice the magical awesomeness for only one download. Call now, supplies are limited.

I was gonna split this one up into two EP’s but didn’t want things to get taken out of context, also I got lazy so Eff it.

Also, Lisa makes a new bestie and Dawn cuts out early. Typical….

And People wanted us on Tumblr, so…. We did that… Stop makin us do stuff.

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